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How can I play?
Download the Topscorers app and register once. Then create your own league and invite your friends or have a friend invite you to join a league via an invitation link. You also have the possibility to join an existing league (public league).

Who wins?
At the end of the qualification as well as at the end of the playoffs, the user with the most points wins. The winner of the qualification will receive a transfer bonus of CHF 500,000, while the winner of the playoffs will be awarded with the champion's trophy.

Is participation free of charge?
The app is free to download and the game is free to play. The additional features of the member subscription can be booked for CHF 5 (upgrade).

How can I do the upgrade?
You can find the upgrade under Settings / Member. Here you can buy your Topscorers Member subscription to unlock all features.

What does the upgrade include?
With the upgrade, you can follow the performance of your players in real time. You can also keep an eye on the score of your competitors live. Without the upgrade, you will only see the distribution of points at the end of the match day. In addition, you can play not only in 2, but in 6 different leagues at the same time. Furthermore, the upgrade displays all hockey players with their official portrait picture, their rank in the league and their popularity scale. The season status of the player is also indicated. Additionally, the player status is visible in the live area (in the line-up or not).

How can I invite my friends?
You can invite your friends under the menu item "League / Ranking". Send the invitation link to your friends so they can join and play directly. 8-14 players are allowed per league.

In how many leagues can I play?
You can play in a maximum of 2 leagues at the same time. With the Topscorers Member Subscription (Upgrade) you can field a team in 6 leagues at the same time.

How many users can be in a league?
8-14 players are allowed per league.

Where can I make changes to a league?
Only the founder of the league (admin) can make changes to a league under the menu item "League / Ranking".

How can I remove a user in a league?
Only the founder of the league (admin) has the right to remove a user from the league. You can find the overview under the menu item "League / Ranking".

How do I know who founded the league?
Under the menu item "League / Ranking" you can see who is admin or founder of the league.

How do I leave a league?
In the overview under the menu item "League / Ranking" you can leave a league at any time.

Can I join a league during the season?
Yes, you can join during the season or just use the results, statistics and the Game Center. But we recommend to join from the beginning of the season to collect as many points as possible. This is the only way to play for the championship title.

Can I play alone?
Yes, you can play alone. However, there is no exciting competition.

How are the points calculated?
All statistics and results of the Topscorers App are based on the data of the National League with all official National League players and teams of the current season. For the calculation of the points, 42 statistical values of the National League are used, which are collected live during the games. The data is provided by the National League AG.

How are the market values calculated?
The market value of a hockey player is calculated based on the performance (number of points collected) and the demand within all top scoring leagues.

When are the points distributed?
The final distribution of points always takes place after the end of a game day (approx. 5 hours after the end of the game). Any corrections made later are not taken into account. With the Topscorers Member subscription (upgrade) the points distribution happens live. Your transfer account will be credited after the end of the match day (approx. 5 hours after the end of the match).

How does the transfer market work?
On the transfer market you can buy and sell players during the qualification (Regular Season). If you want to sell a player, the transfer market will always make you an offer equal to the market value. Of course, your competitors can also make you an offer. You decide to whom the transfer will go. The player will be transferred immediately after the offer is accepted and the amount will be credited to your account. On the transfer market, you can see the players offered by the app as well as the players placed on the transfer market by your competitors. During the playoffs (incl. play-in series) the transfer market will be closed. Your players that you put on the transfer market and don't get an offer will run out of time and will be automatically removed from the transfer market.

Why do I not see a player on the transfer market who is not yet on any team in the league?
Only 14 National League players who are not yet in your team or in one of your competitors' teams will be available on the transfer market. The players on the transfer market vary daily.

Why did I not get a player on the transfer market?
You were either outbid by another player or your bid was below the market value. If a teammate made the same bid, the time of the bid is valid (the player with the earlier entry gets the award).

How do I see who is bidding on the same player on the transfer market?
Bids are placed face down. You cannot see if and how high other users are bidding on a player.

How long is a player available on the transfer market?
Each auction of a player has a fixed expiration time (maximum 48 hours). You can find this time under the player's picture. If the time expires, the player changes to the highest bidder or goes back to the transfer market.

Why did I not receive any points?
With the free version of the app, your points are not assigned until the end of the match day (about 5 hours after the end of the match).

At the start of the first match of a matchday, your current account balance must not be in the negative, otherwise you will not receive any points for the entire matchday. Also, your lineup must be complete at the start of the game. For each position that is unoccupied at the start of the match day, 50 points will be deducted.

Account in minus, no points!
Your account must be in plus at the official start of the game. Otherwise you won't get any points.

Can I go into the red with my account balance?
Your account balance may not be in the red by more than 33% of your team value between match days. However, at the beginning of the first match of a matchday, your current account balance must not be in the minus, otherwise you will not receive any points for that matchday.

What happens to the players who are no longer in the National League?
The market value of the players will drop to the minimum (CHF 60'000) after some time. But you have some time to sell the player. The player will not be visible in the National League until the next season.

Why can't I see the player portraits?
Usually all player portraits are available (directly from the league interface), but they are only displayed with the upgrade / member status. For transfers during the season it can happen that the portrait of the new player is waiting.

When is the best time to start a league?
The ideal time is before the season starts at the end of August. Then all the teams' squads are updated and up to date.

What happens after the season?
Off-Season: It gets exciting again at the end of August, when the rosters are updated. Then you have three options: You continue to play in the same league with the same roster (the points always start at zero at the beginning of the season), you start with a new roster + budget ("Reset League") or you start completely new ("Create League").

What happens in the off-season over the summer (May-September)?
That's when it's called recovering and enjoying the off-season. The best thing to do is to follow the transfers of the clubs so that you are ready for September.

When are the teams' rosters updated for the new season?
The rosters are updated at the end of August.

Where can I see which players are in the line-up for a match?
As a member you can see the player status "In the line-up" in the live area. You can also see the line-up of all teams in the Gamecenter.

Why can't I line up any more imports?
Only 6 Imports are allowed per team (Attention, Import-Goalie counts too).

Reset league or create a new one?
As long as the admin does not reset the league, everything remains as it is. With the option "reset league" all managers stay in the league and get a new roster as well as the initial starting budget (points start at zero). When creating a new league, you will need to re-invite the managers.

What is the difference between a private or a public league?
In the private league, only those who have been invited by you or by the managers in the league can join. In the public league, other Topscorers users can join at will until the league is "full".

Can I make my league public afterwards?
Yes, you can change the visibility of the league in the league settings.

When do I see the status of the players "In Line-Up" (members only)?
Approx. 30-60min before the game starts.

What does the status "In Line-Up" in the live area mean?
The player will be in the line-up for the upcoming match (not injured, not absent, not surplus).

I would like to cancel my subscription.
The following links describe how you can cancel your subscription again, depending on the platform! This is possible at any time, you can also deactivate the automatic renewal.



Our league admin is inactive.
Please send us an email with the info about your league and the username of the new league admin. We will check it in the system and in case of inactivity we will transfer the admin rights.

My login is not working anymore.
Are you sure you registered with this email address? If not, try an alternative email address. Forgot your password? You can reset your password on the start page.
If you still can't log in, please send us an email with your username and the league you play in. 

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